Hey there! I’m Elsa.

A coordinator, communicator and community builder with expertise in the CSI and non-profit industries. I’m passionate about non-profits, uplifting communities and creating calm amidst chaos.

I’ve worked with government, corporates and non-profits across South Africa, and believes that by working together, empowering organisations and communities, sharing stories and learning from one another, true change is possible.

I’ve worn many hats in my career and started my journey as an Event Coordinator. I quickly moved on to the advertising agency arena, where I managed various CSI projects for corporate clients. Feeling called to help more people and  have greater impact, I started my own company – focusing on developmental work within charities and bringing about change in communities.

These days I am a team member of the Because Stories team, serving as a Project & Events Coordinator & Social Development Communicator. We work hard to create movements and build brands that will change the world for the better.